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Ever had screens like this pop up on your PC?



They are fake. NEVER call the phone number shown.

Known as fake popups they can appear usually as a result of a mistyped URL, for example maybe you typed in instead of, or though a compromised or hacked website.

Their aim is to get you to phone the number, then, after convincing you that you have an issue, they will take control of your PC then charge you hundreds of pounds for non existent support. Worse still, if you refuse to pay, they can either lock your PC permanently or infect it with a virus.

Best advice is:

  1. Always make sure your anti virus is installed and up to date
  2. Close the pop up window, or restart your PC if the pop up is stubborn to close
  3. Never call the number. This is a scam.

If you have unfortunately called the number and been scammed get in touch with your bank immediately. You can also email me for advice.

Below is a link to a you tube video showing the scammers in action, with explanations as to what is being done and said.